How to Get Here

June 17, 2016

To get to Kali Lemon Dive Resort, you may go by airplane to Nabire in Papua, Indonesia. Garuda Airlines or Lion Air (Wings Air) via Jakarta or Bali are the airlines and routes recommended.


We suggest that you arrive in Nabire before 11.00 am local time, so we can then transfer you from Nabire Airport directly to Kali Lemon Dive Resort (2 hours by car then 30 minutes by speedboat in normal weather).


For arrival after 11.00 am, such as in the afternoon, we suggest that you spend the night in Nabire City. We do not usually make a transfer to Kali Lemon in the afternoon-evening. This is regarding the safety (sea condition). We can recommend and help you to book  a hotel in Nabire City where our guests usually stay at.


We recommend you to depart from Nabire city on the day after we are back in the city. We could not risk to go back to the city on the same day as your flight departure as the sea condition and weather could change.